Aus Eagle Asset Management receives superior rating from SQM

Research house SQM has given a ‘superior’ rating to the Australian Eagle Trust Long-Short fund of 4.25 stars.

The rating showed SQM believed the Australian Eagle Fund had substantial potential to out-perform over the medium to long term and management was of a high calibre.

SQM stated it considered the fund to be suitable for inclusion on most Approved Product Lists (APLs).

Barry Littler, chief executive officer (CEO) of Australian Eagle Asset Management, said he believed there was a growing market appreciation for long-short strategies backed by a solid investment process.

“The long-short product represents a sensible evolution of our long-term process which gives clients access to both outperformance from long stock positions as well as value add from short positions,” Littler said.

“It is good to see that SQM agreed that the fund displays defensive characteristics and should be a good portfolio diversifier”.

The report said the Australian Eagle investment philosophy for long-only investing had been in practice since 2005, when the manager commenced managing institutional mandates and had performed well above benchmark.

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