Australian Eagle Appointed as New Australian Equities Manager for Paradigm Group

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The Paradigm Investment Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of a new investment manager to assist in the investment decisions associated with the Paradigm Australian Share portfolios.

The existing manager, Ralton, was recently acquired by a large ASX listed investment company, and this change of ownership and personnel changes resulted in the Paradigm Investment Committee seeking alternatives.

After a diligent search and in-depth analysis, the Investment Committee shortlisted the potential candidates to act as Paradigm’s Australian share specialist, to four managers. Following formal presentations to the Committee, and final analysis, the Committee formally appointed Australian Eagle to carry out this role.

Australian Eagle is an award-winning manager specialising in Australian shares, and has a very impressive track record, having outperformed the Australian share market index by 4.1% p.a over the last 15 years.

The Australian Eagle investment team consists of 6 investment professionals with a combined 165 years of industry experience, with just under half of that time spent with Australian Eagle, providing evidence of a highly experienced and stable team.

Australian Eagle’s style and process is perfectly aligned with Paradigm’s targeted requirements and the investment process is proven in different market cycles.  Their strength lies with stock selection, and their assessment of a company with reference to 3 fundamental factors:

  • Growth

    – evidence of an accelerating growth profile that will drive the company in the medium to long term.

  • Quality

    – Assessment of 10 qualitative factors that support the growth argument. These include management conduct, financial health, competitive advantage and efficiency of capital deployment.

  • Valuation

    – Sophisticated equity valuation methodology, incorporating change narratives and comparisons against peers and competitors

Proven skill in picking quality growth stocks combined with disciplined portfolio management, can assist a portfolio in successfully weathering market downturns whilst also benefiting a portfolio in rising markets.

We will be implementing some portfolio changes resulting from new ideas in line with Australian Eagle’s model portfolio recommendations.

In addition, Paradigm has added to its investment capability by employing an experienced and respected individual to execute all transactions for the Australian Share Portfolios in house. Previously, this role was outsourced to third parties. This additional capability will allow Paradigm to take full control of the timing of transactions to enhance portfolio returns.

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